Alexandra Street

12 11 2008


Photos taken November 2008

A gently sloping street in the very beautiful area of Tivoli, Alexandra Street was named after Princess Alexandra who married Prince Edward, later to become Edward VII. Building began some time around 1880 and progressed gradually through the next decade. Most of the houses are terraced, smallish townhouses with rendered fronts, though there are also some built of red brick. Originally the different sections of terrace had their own names. These included Essex Villas, Park View Villas, Alexandra Villas and Rochford Terrace. Notice in the picture below how the platband along the front of the terrace is ramped downwards in a decorative curve every two houses, to take in the downward slope of the street.




One response

22 02 2010
Brian Torode

I am very interested in the Tivoli area as you well know and thank you for crediting my Book on the History of Tivoli. I am in the process of updating this and also beginning to put together the information on the Henry/Pearson Thompson Family which I have.

It would be good to make contact and discuss what we might be able to do together – your photographs are super!

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