New Penny: update

25 10 2009

A year or two back I wrote a piece called Doomed: The New Penny. This is an update on the site’s redevelopment.

BEFORE: Georgian pub building, not looking its best here with its sash windows boarded up, but whose original walled courtyard retained a beautifully preserved stable block and hayloft within a mature orchard garden.

AFTER: Plastic-clad toytown flat-pack junk architecture with tight-arse Lego windows and nauseously disjointed elevations, completely out of kilter with the early Victorian terrace it adjoins.






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25 10 2009

I walk past here everyday on my way home from the train station. Truly terribly made building that went up so fast and looks so tacky. Not a good design at all.

17 10 2010
Helen Johnson

Hi I’ve just stumbled upon this site – I’m so glad. Anyway to get to the point, I can’t believe how bad this development is. Methinks it will come to the same fate as The Millennium restaurant in Portland Street. Well we can only hope.

17 10 2010

Thank you Helen, glad you like. I agree I can’t see this piece of plastic junk lasting more than a few years, unless it becomes a run-down ghetto. Either way, the historic inn and its original stable yard can never be replaced – and for that I hope the planners and developers hang their heads in shame.

9 06 2011

This is so sad – my great grandfather was landlord of this pub over 100 years ago.

25 07 2011

That’s frustrating! It’s always sad when you find your ancestors’ homes have been lost …

18 05 2012
alan white

as an old cheltonian , and having many a pint in there when it was the new inn i seem to remember, its heart breaking to see the monstrosity they have put in its place. such a shame.

13 07 2012
Miss N J Grundy

The Hop Pole/New Penny, like The Calcutta, was scruff-culture. They let Jenner’s house just about fall down, so why should the Town Fathers give a damn about what the arse end of Cheltenham looks like? The Lower High Street had the literal pub on every corner, even a few decades ago. The area around the top of Gloucester Road is still full of council “sub-standard” dwellings. Dimery’s greengrocery, at the corner of Devonshire Street, was prime Georgian architecture, and was demolished. The Old Basket shop (12th Century timbers) went to create a car park. I just wonder if Planning Permission ever gets in the way of progress…

1 07 2014
Shayne Gardener

Same reason that the Calcutta was redeveloped into an equally horrendous eye-sore. The right people were paid the right amount of attention/money and others turned a blind eye. Where will the latest generation go to socialise in the real world?

21 04 2020
John Chelt

Why why why? Because someone on the Council — probably on the Planning Committee — almost certainly got a huge bung, and not for the first time. There have been so many cases of attractive old buildings in Cheltenham being needlessly knocked down with the Planning Committee’s blessing and replaced by garbage such as this, that either the Committee mysteriously began taking leave of its senses in 1970s/80s and has continued to the present day, or some of its members keep getting huge back-handers. I’ll leave you to decide which it is….

As for Cheltenham selling itself to tourists etc as being ‘similar in style to Bath’ — don’t make me laugh. It may have been at one time, but that’s long since ceased to be the case thanks to the Council. They know who they are. “Money talks”.

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