Graffiti gallery 2

6 11 2009

The second instalment in an occasional series documenting Cheltenham’s ephemeral street daubings.

Malvern Road, old graffiti

Malvern Road. This well preserved set of antique scratchings can be found in the passageway leading off Malvern Road into Lansdown Terrace Lane. They were hidden behind a metal plate for some years, which has helped to preserve them from subsequent layers of rendering. Here on the cornerstone of one of Cheltenham’s most precious architectural landmarks, two centuries’ worth of bored socialites made use of the carvable properties of Cotswold stone before they invented Twitter.


Clarence Street. A somewhat more modern interpretation of vernacular art, on the window of the former C&G offices in Clarence Street.


Oxford Passage. A shark looks rather surprised to find itself on the door of a Victorian workshop.


Gloucester Road. Continuing the fish theme, this little beauty is inexplicably pasted onto a BT junction box outside Travis Perkins’ yard on the busy Gloucester Road (thanks to Anna for spotting it).


Gloucester Road. And lo and behold, further up the street I was pleased to find a companion piece by the same artist, hereafter known as the “Gloucester Road fish dauber”. This one is gracing the boarded-up doorway of a derelict public toilet.



7 responses

10 11 2009

Leamington Spa has a graffiti artist who sprays pictures of an aubergine around the town (isn’t that just SO Leamington?), and visitors sometimes spend an idle hour spotting them. Maybe this fish is Cheltenham’s equivalent.

11 11 2009

Thanks for dropping by. I’m intrigued by these aubergines. Do they have speech bubbles as well? I’m all for seeing more vegetable related street art.

11 11 2009

I think they are mute, sadly. Thoroughly enjoying the blog, by the way. I often ‘drop by’ when I’m meant to be doing other stuff (like now).

27 11 2009
Chris Jensen Romer

You beat me to it! Have you seen the odd little black cats which are prayed on walls on the old Honeybourne railway line, just beyond Waitrose, and a few other places round town? I’m intrigued by who does them! I find this sort of odd little graffiti fascinating – the word “quiz” and alleged history thereof springs to mind –

Great stuff as always!
cj x

30 12 2009

Well now, I did see a couple of black cats on a sculpture thingy on the footpath beside Waitrose car park, and I assumed they were meant to be there. Now you mention it, they did look a bit strange in that context. I will have to have a look and see if I can find some more. I’m always interested in curious bits and pieces around town, so thanks for mentioning it. As for the etymology link – I ended up spending half an evening clicking through the whole lot of ’em – thanks for that!

16 01 2010

Hey great site, really good to see a concise history of our town!! If you give me an e-mail, i think i have some old adverts/pictures which may interest you!! :D

14 10 2014
Daniel Pickard

Hi there, very impressed by the pictures. I may have some pictures for you but could I use some of your pictures for an online publication?

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